Fast, lucrative exits for eCommerce founders— keep profiting as your brand grows

Moonshot Brands buys Amazon and Shopify businesses and takes them to the moon. We give eCommerce founders everything they need to achieve financial freedom and secure their legacy. 

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"Moonshot was founded by experienced veterans from the startup world. Their expertise around owning and operating online brands was one of many things that convinced us that this was a great team for YC to back."

Dalton Caldwell , Partner, Y Combinator

Get financial freedom now, and keep profiting for years to come

As eCommerce founders ourselves, we craft deals that have sellers' best interests at heart. No one selling their business should ever have to worry about when or if they’ll receive payment. Whether it's to fund their next big idea or take a well-earned break, we offer sellers the majority of cash up front. We want founders to start living life on their own terms sooner and see numbers in their bank account that they've never seen before. 

Selling your business at a 3x multiple, only to see it skyrocket is a founder's worst nightmare. At Moonshot Brands, we offer founders a piece of the pie— because we believe that when we act in the best interest of sellers, the pie itself gets bigger. Moonshot Brands offers sellers equity, earnouts or other upside. We empower founders to share in the future success of their brand and Moonshot Brands at large.

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The experience and resources you need to make your brand a household name

Many founders find that they don’t have the expertise, capital, technology or time to take their brand to the next level. No founder wants to be stuck in a holding pattern or watch their brand get run into the ground. As experienced operators, we help founders that think their brands have touched the ceiling, blast off and shoot for the moon. Moonshot Brands provides eCommerce companies with the resources they need to truly thrive— growth capital, proprietary technology and the greatest minds in operations, brand-building, growth marketing, omnichannel distribution and supply chain management. 

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We offer founders a seat at the table

We  think that founders that have achieved product-market fit are clearly onto something. That’s why we offer founders a seat at the table to continue building alongside us inside the Moonshot solar system. In fact, many sellers we work with continue to lead their companies with lucrative salaries. Moonshot Brands was built with a decentralized structure— we give sellers the resources and autonomy they need to unlock meaningful growth.

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Created by founders for founders


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