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What Does the Fed Rate Hike Mean for Amazon Sellers and Other Small Businesses Looking to Exit?

As international investors move into “risk-off” mode and flock to traditional “safe-haven” assets, many alternative investments (like FBA sellers) will lack market counterparts that are willing to buy into an asset class that is in its infancy and has shown high levels of volatility. We believe that the ecommerce market for sellers will continue to lack liquidity and multiples will stay low for as long as there is risk of an economic recession. Multiples for sellers could drop even further in tandem with any future interest rate increases by the Fed. Buyers will have a very limited appetite to buy businesses if they think that the acquired earnings could be insufficient to cover their own costs of debt capital (i.e. interest charges).

QueryStax Technology and Team Is Now a Part of Moonshot Brands

We are pleased to welcome the QueryStax team to the family! QueryStax is a reporting and database tool for Amazon sellers and eCommerce agencies. Their products include automated email reporting and ready-to-go SQL databases, which store sellers’ marketplace and advertising data. Founded by Louise Tanski, QueryStax was initially built to solve the needs of her eCommerce management business, where she and her team spend hours each week manually compiling data for client reporting.

Moonshot Brand Research Report: The Aftermath of Covid for Ecommerce

After reviewing and analyzing 100s of Amazon seller accounts over the past year we see a distinct pattern of high sales during the onset of Covid-19 in Spring 2020. Looking at public data sets, we find the Google trend data when searching Amazon is a very good representation of the dynamics at Amazon’s market.

The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Backend Keywords

One of the most important aspects of your Amazon product listings is the one your customers will never see— backend keywords.

The Amazon Seller's Guide To FBA Liquidations

If you have excess inventory that isn't selling, this is everything you need to know about FBA Liquidations and other options to recover capital tied up in stock.

The Business Owner's Guide To Amazon PPC Metrics

In order to use Amazon ads to their full potential, you'll have to understand Amazon PPC metrics and how they can help you improve your ads. 

How to Write A Product Description for Amazon

Most of the time, Amazon sellers forget that their product description is one of the most important conversion optimization elements. This article will show you how to write product descriptions that make more sales.

How To Make Social Ads That Convert

If your ads aren't generating a high return on ad spend, your creative and copy are likely to blame.

The Business Owner's Guide To SEO

SEO is a vital part of a healthy eCommerce site. These are the fundamentals business owners need to understand about search engine optimization to get it right.

How to Increase Conversion on Amazon

While Amazon has made it easy to start an e-commerce business of your own, knowing how to increase the conversion rate on Amazon can be challenging. Still, following the right steps will ensure that more customers are filling their carts and staying loyal to your brand.

What is a Good ROAS on Amazon?

Have you invested a lot of money in your Amazon ad campaign, and it didn't bring the profit you expected? There are several reasons why your RoAS on Amazon is not getting you any results. But don't worry, we will share with you some tips to know what is a good RoAS on Amazon and how to improve it.

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday: How To Dramatically Increase Your Sales This Year

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best seasons to increase your sales. However, it may be your first time doing so, or your previous strategy may have failed. Whatever the case is, we have some tips for you to dramatically increase your sales during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

With the Internet being such a vast place to explore, it may be difficult for you to attract your target audience to your website. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to increase traffic to your website and maximize your potential sales.

How to Create the Ultimate Sales Funnel

If you wonder why your visitors leave your website without purchasing a product, you may have a weak sales funnel. However, by following the right steps and analyzing your current strategy, you will be able to create the ultimate sales funnel for your business.

Amazon Affiliate Program: Everything You Need To Know

Your website or social account is doing well, and you are wondering how to increase your revenue? One of the best ways to do so is by using Amazon's Affiliate program. If you are new to it and want to learn more about it, we have created a guide with everything you need to know about Amazon's Affiliate program.

How To Make More Money With Google Ads

A well-executed Google AdSense campaign can make this tool one of many revenue streams of your business. However, to make more money with Google Ads, you will need more than just basic knowledge. If you want to learn how to make Google AdSense work for you, we will give you some tips to increase your expertise.

How to Scale Your Amazon FBA Business

Although your Amazon FBA business is doing great and your products are flying off the shelves, you may want to take the next step: you want to scale your business. While this sounds intimidating and the results are uncertain, if the time is right and you follow the proper steps, scaling your Amazon FBA business can be a successful move.

How to Find a Business Mentor or Coach - A Guide

Working with a business coach is an’s an investment that will have a huge payoff for your business, provided that you pick the right one.

How to Value a Business Based on Revenue

Knowing your business’s worth requires more factors for you to consider even non-financial aspects of the company... and how they can impact the business value.

How to Increase Your Profit Margins

A lot of business owners make the mistake of focusing on top-line revenue. In fact, it’s the profit margin where you should be focusing your efforts.

Business Growing Pains - Getting Through The Tough Times

When you’re growing your business, you can become fixated on growing your revenue that you might neglect the internal growing pains occurring at the same time.

Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

If your goal is to boost sales, then you need to think about how you can reduce this common obstacle and get your customers to complete the checkout process.

Referral Marketing Examples To Dramatically Boost Leads

Referral marketing remains one of the most popular and effective strategies for drumming up new customers. Here are some examples of amazing referral marketing tactics.

Omnichannel Order Management: How To Create The Perfect System

Consider an omnichannel order management system to improve the current handling of your customer orders.

How To Prepare An Exit Strategy For Your Business

An exit strategy isn’t something you can work on overnight. It requires patience, structure, and commitment. What do you want to achieve when you exit your business?

How to Audit an eCommerce Business

Routine auditing can help business owners take stock of their current efforts and identify areas that may impede their growth and sales goals. This is how to conduct an audit that will help identify opportunities for business growth.

How to Offer Free Shipping Without Losing Money

Learn how to offer free shipping without losing money to grow your business. We've prepared several easy strategies to give your business a competitive advantage.

Evergreen eCommerce Niches

It’s truly never been easier to start an online business than it is today. Here are some of the most consistently profitable eCommerce niches to inspire your next venture.

Discount for Lack of Control: The Ultimate Guide

Discount for lack of control is a vital aspect to consider when it comes to buying or selling a business. Read about the key factors that impact a business sale

The Complete Guide to Understanding Consumer Psychology

Why do we buy things? What drives us to be loyal to one brand over another? This is everything you need to know about consumer psychology.

Business Transfer Checklist

When negotiating the sale of a business a business transfer is the final step. This handy checklist will guide you through this crucial part of completing a successful exit.

What Tax Do I Pay When I Sell My Business?

Preparing your taxes after selling your business is no easy task. We created this guide to help make tax time a little simpler.

What Is A Letter Of Intent? (LOI)

A letter of intent, which is a signed version of a term sheet, is a non-binding letter that is mutually signed before the due diligence process of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) begins. Essentially, it is the contract before the contract.

Business Exit Strategy: Everything You Need To Know

In the process of hustling through the daily grind, many founders often fail to properly plan for the end goal—when the time is right, how do you plan to transition out? A business exit strategy outlines the big picture for your growth goals and will help you stay on track.

How To Value A Business Based On Sales

No matter whether you're looking to sell, find an equity partner or simply understand how much you are currently worth, this brief guide will walk you through the basics of business valuation.

eCommerce Founders Want Lucrative Exits and Upside —We’re Giving Them Both

Moonshot Brands was born out of the belief that businesses could grow beyond the founder's wildest dreams if given the right circumstances to truly thrive.

How To Sell An FBA Business

If you feel that you’ve taken your Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) business as far as it can go and are ready to sell, we’ve put together this guide to make selling your FBA business a little easier. 

How To Sell Your eCommerce Business

Now that you are finally in a place where you are considering selling your eCommerce business, there are a few things you should know before moving forward.
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